ROTOFRAMESVFX is a creative and technically dedicated visual effects studio producing captivating imagery for feature film and television. Our roots trace back to creative and technological innovations that are now standard in visual effects facilities around the globe.

ROTOFRAMESVFX company dedicated to dyed in the wool for VFX Roto | Paint | Keying for Feature Films, Commercials web series and TV Shows.

ROTOFRAMESVFX is the best choice for those who are looking for creative and talented services. Our talents have a solid background in major productions at its fullest in perfection.

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  • VFX Roto
  • Hard & Motion Blur mattes
  • Stereo Roto
  • Nuke / Silhouette Splines

  • Paint
  • Rig/Wire/Object/Marker Removals
  • Clean Plate Generation
  • Recreation of Missing Objects
  • Beauty cleanups
  • Reflections cleanups

  • Object Tracking
  • Camera Tracking
  • Body Tracking

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